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Trump's Tariffs on EU: Airbus and Cheese?

September 17, 2019 / Mike Gallagher
Reports suggesting that the WTO has ruled in favor of the U.S. in the long-running Airbus dispute will allow the U.S. to impose tariffs of up to $10 billion later in September.

Asia: Vulnerable to Oil Price Hikes, if Supply Disruption Persists

September 17, 2019 / Jeff Ng
The recent rise in oil prices is a concern to Asia if it persists, as most economies are net oil importers. This is due to energy making up a significant proportion of the CPI basket in Asia. Our view is that Indonesia, the Philippines and China are the most vulnerable.

Watching the Saudi Reaction

September 16, 2019 / Mike Gallagher
The initial spike in oil prices on the lost output from Saudi Arabia is receding, due to reports that the losses will be partially reversed this week but also the anticipation of inventory release. What is key now is whether Saudi Arabia targets Yemen or Iran in retaliation.

Quarterly View: U.S. Chart NYMEX Nov Crude Oil - Pullback to Breakout Point Expected to Set Up Rally Into Year-End

September 18, 2019 / Rob Zukowski

Breakout/retest at 58.00 confirmed with a 14-week RSI breakout at 50.

USD/CAD, EUR/NOK, USD/JPY Flows: Oil-Price Spike Provides Some Support to Oil-Sensitive Currencies, but Safe Haven Still Preferred

September 16, 2019 / Adrian Schmidt

NOK and CAD both spiked higher with oil prices after the attack on the world's largest oil processing plant in Saudi Arabia.

Preview: Due September 26 - U.S. Q2 GDP Final (Third) Estimate

September 13, 2019 / David Sloan

We expect the third (final) estimate of Q2 U.S. GDP to be unrevised from the preliminary (second) release.


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