Global Outlook: A Vaccine for Growth

A Vaccine for Growth  

  • The rebound phase of the global recovery from the Q2 GDP drop is already occurring and attention is shifting to the economic recovery into 2021. The approval and delivery of effective vaccines are a game-changer for business and consumer confidence and the pace of the global recovery in H2 2021. However, a large, though less fatal, winter COVID-19 wave will likely hit the North Hemisphere.
  • There are key questions about how various countries will distribute a vaccine and the different impact it will have across economies. Policies are also a swing factor, as countries will wind down some measures but implement new, moderate fiscal and monetary policies to enhance the recovery.
  • The September Outlook will also look at the impact of November’s U.S. presidential election and U.S./China tensions on the global economy and markets.
  •  What will all this mean for our economic, policy and financial market forecasts? To hear our latest 2020 and 2021 views, please join our Outlook Webinar on September 22