E-commerce Integrations


Custom Solutions: Many of our clients use our XML based APIs and RSS feeds to integrate subsets of our research directly into their own trading platforms, websites and intranets.

We work with our customers to develop customised solutions that suits their needs.

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Our E-commerce solutions are typically used by:
Trading Platforms

A number of corporate and investment banks, and online brokerages have differentiated their on-line trading solutions, by integrating Continuum Economics independent research, technical analysis and economic data calendars into their services. Providing their customers with pre-trade decision support, workflow integration and market intelligence to support decision making and risk management.

Media and Market Intelligence

Business newspapers and financial market intelligence vendors integrate our economic data calendars to provide their customers with greater awareness of upcoming economic data releases and market events, ensuring they are better informed.

Daily and Intra-day Market Updates

Regular, customized market updates delivered directly to your clients or internal team from Continuum Economics, the leading provider of financial markets analysis, macro strategies, and technical analysis, providing actionable insight into financial markets.


  • Cost-effective method to deliver actionable market insight to your clients or in-house team.
  • Minimal development period required.
  • Clear, timely & actionable market intelligence delivered in a customized format directly via email, or via your own platform.


  • Scoping call to discuss your requirements & markets of interest.
  • Full participation in an iterative development process to agree upon content & format.
  • Content can be incorporated under own brand (fully white labelled), co-branded, or delivered with Continuum Economics-only branding.
  • Updates delivered directly to your users via email on an agreed upon schedule (intraday, daily, weekly) & at a regular specified time.
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Custom Newsletters

Continuum Economics research & analysis delivered in a bespoke publication either directly to your client base or for hosting on your platform.


  • Leverage the world class capabilities of the Continuum Economics research team to deliver tailored economic insight to your own internal or external audience.
  • Add value to your own proprietary internal research, by combining it with our independent & world leading macroeconomic research & global views.


  • Incorporate any segment of Continuum Economics content into a unique publication
  • Content delivered on a regular, pre–agreed timetable (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Content can be incorporated under own brand (fully white labelled), co-branded, or delivered with Continuum Economics-only branding.
  • Add-on services can include client roundtables with Continuum Economics analysts, webinars or conference calls to discuss content, answer client questions & increase engagement.
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Technical Analysis reports integrated into your own charting application

Short-term Technical Analysis

24-hour real-time technical analysis of financial markets covering around 80 instruments across FX (both developed and emerging markets), Fixed Income Rates, Equities and commodities delivered in real-time.

Providing clear, lightly annotated charts, table of key support and resistance levels, and brief descriptive narrative, with analysis ranging from intraday to daily, weekly and monthly. Ensuring readers can understand an instruments likely direction, over varying time frames.


  • Timely updates of key levels with a descriptive headline and narrative.
  • Tagged with currency pair code, timestamp and 4Cast as the source.
  • Deliverable into platform workflows:
    • Scrolling news window, co-mingled in-house research.
    • Integrated into charting app, new research shows as , which when clicked opens the technical analysis report next to the chart, which is great workflow integration.


  • Updated multiple times a day.
  • Coverage of 80 instruments across FX (developed and emerging markets), Fixed Income, Equites and Commodities
  • Updates flags could be integrated into the client charts or news feed.
  • Provided through an RSS feed or XML delivery.

Best Independent Research Provider for Emerging Markets Research

Best Independent Research Provider in the following categories: FX, Fixed Income, Equities and Multi-Asset Research

Technical Analysis reports integrated into your own charting application

Technical Analysis reports integrated into co-mingled news window

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Technical Analysis reports integrated into co-mingled news window

Economic Data & Events Calendar

Clients around the world, big and small, use our online economic data calendar to track upcoming data releases, key market events, market holidays, and bond auctions, with market impact assessment.

For key data releases, we include our own non-consensus forecast alongside the consensus market view, previous values and then update with the actual release itself.

  • View upcoming data releases, events, holidays, and bond auctions.
  • See our forecasts alongside market consensus and previous values.
  • Ability to filter events by market impact.
  • Track data and forecast history using our interactive charts.
  • Create and save filters to easily see the events that are relevant to you.


  • Display a comprehensive data calendar containing key events, data release, seminar, market holidays & actions occurring across more than 70 economies & regions.
  • Full integration into your own website or platform.
  • Updated in real time & fully customizable to meet your requirements.


  • Full technical support to ensure seamless integration & functionality.
  • Guided customization to configure calendar to your unique specifications (content & formatting)
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