Conference Call

Global Themes: Challenges into the 2020s

  • While the autumn is normally the time to look forward a year,Continuum Economics Themes report will look at the coming one to three years to look at structural as well as cyclical issues. These will be addressed in the Continuum Economics Themes conference call on November 5 by our leading economists and strategists. The report is published October 31.
  • The report and conference call will look at how DM central banks will likely protect economies that are facing a slowdown, but still need to hit inflation targets. What scope do EM central banks have to ease policy in the face of a slowdown or a hard landing to protect growth? Finally, how does fiscal policy interact with monetary policy?
  • Much will depend on the U.S. and Chinese economies and two chapters will look what forces will shape the next global recession and what shape and form the Chinese economic trajectory will take in the coming years. In 2020 and beyond, globalization is at a crossroads and will be impacted by next year’s key event–the U.S. presidential election. From a structural view, the Themes report will also look at the prospects for productivity growth and the impact of population aging in EM as well as DM.