What is the scale for the Country Insights model?

All scores are scaled from 0 to 10, 0 being bad and 10 being good.

 How far back does the data go?

 How far back do the scores go?

 Why doesn't the model go back further?

 How is total indebtedness calculated?

 How is the model weighted? Does this differ from pillar to pillar?

 Do you use absolute or relative scoring?

 How is the Country Strength Index calculated?

 How is the Sovereign Risk Indicator (SRI) calculated?

 How is the Investment Attractiveness Index calculated?

 Does the model rely on 'hard' data or 'soft', survey-based data?

 How are custom indicators weighted?

 For each indicator is the best country 10 and is the worst country 0? If not, how is it normalized?

 How do I download data?

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 Is the actual score meaningful, or is the meaning found in comparing the score to other countries?

 What's a good score? What's a bad one?

 What's a meaningful quarterly change? What's a meaningful yearly change?

 Why is a score of 5.0 a meaningful threshold?

 What are the rankings shown on the country page?

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 I don't see forecast data or an outlook for the country I'm looking at. Why is that?

 What's your process for cleaning data?

 What's your process for aggregating data?

 How do you handle data revisions?

 How often do you change the methodology of the model?

 Will I be notified when the model is changed?

 How do you ensure integrity and consistency of the model if it is changing?

 When are the scores published?

 Do you ever update scores and/or data in the middle of a quarter?

 How long has this model been in development for?

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Bloomberg add-in for Excel

All of our scores are available through the Bloomberg add-in for Excel.

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