Conference Call

2019 Themes: Higher Debt, Higher Rates, Rising Risks


Meeting date:

November 06th, 2018

Start Time:


1 Hour

The critical themes shaping the prospects for 2019 span economics, policy and markets. Our leading economists and strategists will discuss these in the 2019 Continuum Economics Themes conference call on November 6.

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The questions we will address include:

  • Has global growth has passed its peak amid slowing U.S. growth and other economies failing to take on growth leadership?
  • What is the future of DM wage inflation, and will a debt wall in DMs and EMs become a constraint on growth?
  • In the policy arena, what is the outlook for DM central bank normalization and how prepared are EMs to weather Fed tightening?
  • What are the prospects for protectionism in 2019, and how much fiscal space do governments have to protect economic growth?
  • How will our Themes (notably populism, which we will revisit) impact financial markets?