Conference Call

2018 Global Outlook—Policy Errors Could Still Deflate the Balloon


Meeting date:

December 11th, 2017

Start Time:


1 Hour

Join our research team as they discuss how our Global Themes for 2018 drive the updated macro and market forecasts in our Global Outlook.

Our overarching narrative for this Outlook is the impact of DM monetary policy normalization, which is generally gaining momentum (with some exceptions), on countries’ macro fundamentals.

The withdrawal of easy money will risk undermining resilience to shocks and dragging on growth. Although we expect the environment of steady growth to continue, normalization implies a chance that policy mistakes could deflate ballooning asset prices.

Certain countries will be particularly vulnerable to policy shocks, and to the political shocks that we should also be wary of.

  • Kil Dosanjh (Head of Macro Research and Strategy)
  • Mike Gallagher (Head of Markets Research)
  • Jeff Ng (Chief Economist, Asia)
  • Kevin Harris (Director, North America)
  • Gianluca Ziglio (Senior Fixed Income Strategist)
  • Pedro Tuesta (Senior Economist, Latin America)

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