Independent research. Actionable insight.

Integrated analysis of macroeconomics, markets and policy

Continuum Economics is a leading independent economic research firm. We provide a range of services, from tactical market analysis to long-term thematic thinking. Our economists and market analysts use their institutional expertise to assess market signals and understand economic trends, helping our clients make profitable decisions 24 hours a day. In these uncertain times, portfolio managers, chief investment officers, analysts, bankers and corporates look to us to cut through market noise and deliver actionable insight on their most pressing concerns.

Our award-winning team is based in our offices in London (headquarters), New York and Singapore.

Our Approach

Building on our analysis of national balance sheets, Continuum Economics follows a rigorous, systematic approach to deciphering the dynamics of the global economy, unearthing opportunities and identifying risks that traditional research can miss.

Our coverage runs from fundamental macroeconomic and policy research to tactical market commentary and strategy.

Company History

Continuum Economics was formed from the 2016 merger of two complementary economic research firms:

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4CAST, an online financial analysis company founded in 1994, providing real-time research to market participants around the world

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Roubini Global Economics (RGE), a global macroeconomic research, services and analytics firm founded in 2004, serving institutional investors, asset managers, policy leaders and corporate executives.

Our goal in combining the 4CAST and RGE services is to provide our clients with research that spans the continuum between short-term market signals and long-term strategic themes. This holistic approach uncovers opportunities and risks before they come to the attention of markets, helping our clients arrive at better decisions in a timelier manner.