Independent research. Actionable insight.

Integrated analysis of macroeconomics, markets and policy

Continuum Economics is a leading independent macroeconomic, policy and financial markets research firm. Our worldwide client base consists of over 600 banks, asset managers, corporations, central banks and government organisations. Research is produced from our London, New York and Singapore research centres for a global audience. Clients and the marketplace tell us they value a number of elements of our research, including:

  • Relevance. A focus on what will be important and how it impacts the economic outlook, policy and financial markets in the future.
  • Thought provoking. Incisive analysis and charts together with an engaging narrative helping to provide you with a fresh perspective.
  • Forecasts. Clients want to see forecasts to quantify how our themes play out
  • Comprehensiveness. 34 countries covered actively, with 174 countries more in our proprietary Country Insights model.
  • Actionable Insight. Policy and National Balance Sheet analysis, complement our Macroeconomic forecasts. Combined with our valuation and tactical models, this then helps to provide actionable insights in financial markets.

Our medium term forecasts and research (6 months to 2 years) is complemented by long-term forecasts and themes (2 to 10 years) under the Continuum Economics brand. Building on our analysis of national balance sheets, Continuum Economics follows a rigorous, systematic approach to deciphering the dynamics of the global economy, unearthing opportunities and identifying risks that traditional research can miss.

Combined with scenario analysis, and our proprietary country risk model "Country Insights", we help meet the needs of asset and wealth managers; central bank and government organisations; risk professionals; private equity and corporations. This side of the business includes the acquisition and integration of Roubini Global Economics in 2016.

Our tactical analysis and financial market forecasts come under the 4cast brand. Tactical short-term strategy on key financial markets are accompanied by comprehensive economic and policy insights, technical analysis and intelligence on market psychology and flows. 4cast research has been widely used by sales and trading teams in banks, alongside hedge funds and active asset managers since 1994.

To integrate the research into your workflow, we provide API and feed integration into trading platforms and web portals; website access; tailored e-mail alerts; daily email briefings; webinars and quarterly conference calls. Premium clients also enjoy direct access to our economists and strategists.